Next Generation Farm System – Milk Oats Evaluation

Catchment Group:

Next Generation Farming Systems – Project Reference Group


Next Generation Farm System – Milk Oats Evaluation


$101,000 excl. GST


Jun 21 to Feb 22

Project Description

After forming the Project Reference Group, six farmers with a shared interest in seeing an expanded oats industry in Southland lead a comprehensive project with the guidance of a facilitator. Using the ‘Our Land and Water Challenge’ systems choice model (Lincoln University & AgResearch), they evaluate all facets of the introduction of alternative land uses, such as oat growing for oat milk. Abacus Bio is the main project contractor.   


  • Allow Southland farmers to fully assess the whole farm system requirements, the commercial opportunities and risks, and impacts of changing (in part) land use on their properties to support the increased production of oat for oat milk processing. 
  • Document the evaluation process to provide a broad template for the review of other potential land use changes in Southland. 


  • Public report allowing farmers, stakeholders and the broader community to see the full effects of a systems change in part, or to the maximum extent possible, on farm for growing oats at various scales across Southland.   
  • Farmers have a broadened view of change, when considering a farm systems adaptation. 
  • Thriving Southland holds a model methodology to enable the organisation or other entities to consider the full effects of potential future land use changes in the region.  

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