Waituna Lagoon Catchment high -resolution Physiographic Assessment



Land and Water Science collaborated with Living Water (DOC/Fonterra Partnership) and local landowners to undertake high-resolution physiographic mapping of the Waituna Catchment, Southland. The key aim of the project was to support water quality and biodiversity investment decisions for the catchment, and to assist the partnership in achieving their aim of “finding solutions to enable farming, freshwater, and healthy ecosystems to thrive side-by-side”. To achieve this, we created high-resolution physiographic science process-attribute layers for the catchment. The hydrological and redox process-attribute layers were identified to be the key controls over water quality outcomes in the Waituna Catchment. One of the key outputs of the project was the provision of ESRI-supported story maps including a story map on Background and Technical Information and Waituna Catchment Physiographic Units and Inherent Risk to water quality.



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