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Richard Kyte chats to Andy about the upcoming Beyond Regulation event

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July 2024 Thriving Southland Newsletter

You might notice a bit of a theme about Catchment Group happenings in June!   That’s right, most of them are inside. It’s been a wet month for all of Southland, and I know that we’re hoping toRead more

June 2024 Thriving Southland Newsletter

As the days draw in, there’s plenty to do on farm and we wonder what sort of winter we’re going to get - hopefully plenty of sunshine to keep a smile on our faces. It’s been a busy month forRead more

May 2024 Thriving Southland Newsletter

It’s a busy time of year (like it always seems to be!) with lots of fantastic Catchment Group activity happening in Southland.   If you haven’t grabbed your spot at the the Southern AgriTech andRead more

Tania Clarke chats to Andy about the upcoming Southern Agritech and Innovation Day

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April 2024 Thriving Southland Newsletter

As we sprint into autumn, we hope you’ve managed to sneak a weekend away or some other down time to enjoy a bit of R&R before things ramp up again on farm.   If you were among the lucky bus loadRead more

March 2024 Thriving Southland Newsletter

Catchment Groups across the region have been flying into action in the early stages of 2024 as ideas become brainstorms, and brainstorms become projects.   We are excited to have received severalRead more

February 2024 Thriving Southland Newsletter

We hope you have had time for a good break during the Christmas and New Year period, and are feeling recharged, ready for a great year ahead - and everything that might come our way. As we kick intoRead more

Richard Kyte chats to Andy about the latest NZIER report titled 'Exploring positive family farm succession', commissioned by Thriving Southland.

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New Associate Board Member - Anna Irwin

We would love to introduce you to our newest board member - Anna IrwinRead more

December 2023 Thriving Southland Newsletter

It’s great to see the diversity of thought and action among Southland Catchment Groups.   As 2023 races towards the finish line, there’s plenty of planning, planting and off-farm get-togethersRead more

November 2023 Thriving Southland Newsletter

It's hard to believe it’s already November. Hopefully people are coming out the other side of lambing and calving with a smile on their faces.   Catchment Groups are already putting the thinkingRead more


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