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Greenhouse Gas Reduction and Sequestration Journey


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Nov 22 to May 23

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Project Description

Dipton might be small, but we are mighty - and we have a vision. We are on a journey to become
Carbon Neutral Dipton.

And we’re doing the hard yards to make your life easy. All you need to do is follow our journey through Facebook, our events, newsletters, workshops, or by joining our buddy groups.

The Greater Dipton Catchment Group worked with five farmers, each with some buddies (neighbours and community members who share and learn at the farm sessions). These farmers and their buddies brainstormed exciting ways to reduce GHG emissions on their farms. They are from all types of farming backgrounds so there is something for everyone.

They came up with what they wanted to tackle and how they want to make it happen. Consultants were on hand to help model and evaluate different ideas. The farms might look at planting trees to sequester carbon, retiring or intensifying different parts of the farm, or changing livestock numbers to reduce GHG’s… we’re right at the start of the journey. 

Join us on our adventure to see if small changes on-farm can make big differences to our emissions. 
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Design multi-land use models for 4- 5 representative farms in the catchment that allows for a sustainable profitable livestock farming/forestry mix which, where possible, delivers a carbon neutral position within 20 years for each of the farms.   

Introduce carbon farming concepts and impart project learnings to those in the catchment so that all land classes in the catchment have a range of options for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

Start to understand where the catchment is at for GHG reduction and sequestration through the creation of a high-level catchment overview around GHG for the catchment.

The Greater Dipton Catchment is a mixed landscape already containing native forest areas, exotic plantations, wind farms along with agriculture and forestry that are key land uses within the catchment.   

The catchment wants to retain a vibrant livestock production system but realises that pressures for carbon neutrality will continue to challenge the current farming business models.  The Group seeks to control their own destiny by fully understanding farm specific and catchment wide options for carbon neutrality and where possible enhance biodiversity. 

This project will take detailed landscape information and in conjunction with farm consultants 4 to 5 farms will be modelled to verify existing greenhouse gas emissions, assess and develop viable options for each farm to reduce greenhouse gases and increase sequestration using relevant software.  There will also be a high-level overview of greenhouse gases for the catchment.  Field days will be held throughout the project to share the journey and learnings. 


Increased understanding of GHG’s in farming businesses, understand carbon farming and the use of trees with the ETS and/or He Waka Eke Noa.   

Understanding changes required to result in carbon neutrality in the next 20 years and its impact on farm systems and financial performance.  

Farmers and landowners within the catchment gain an understanding of where they and their catchment sits in its GHG reduction and carbon sequestration journey, and what options are available to them to implement to reduce GHG and sequester carbon. 

Improved farmer and community wellbeing through raised awareness and knowledge of the topic, and the development of local support network of knowledge. 

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