Greater Dipton Catchment Group

Covers the area from Josephville Hill to Kauana, the Taringatura Hills to the Bastion.


Frazer Brown
027 229 2879


Group coordinator

Sarah Thorne

Number of members in the CG

40 and growing

Date the Catchment Group started

October 2020

Types of people in the group

Very community focused group with a wide variety of people from the Dipton area. Everyone is welcome!

Projects completed

The group started as they meant to go on with a wonderfully social and well-attended community consultation in October at the Dipton Golf Club. They followed this up with a very successful Lunch Under the Willows event (complete with a BBQ lunch organised by the Dipton Social Committee) in November with almost 50 people attending and some great speakers on the history of Dipton and the health of the local waterways. 

Projects underway

Hoping to come up with some great ideas at their next meeting in March.

Projects planned

Come along and help us decide!

Hosted events / meetings

  • Dipton Catchment Group Community Consultation – 14 October
  • Lunch Under the Willows – 25 November

Our values


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