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Thriving Southland: Inspiring community action

Annual Report

Our Annual Report showcases the work we do.

Reducing Waste Brochure

Find all the local tips and information in one place!

Catchment Fact Sheets

We’ve pulled a whole range of information together into brochures; providing insights based on available information, bringing together published science, research, data and information on the state of water, soil and land in catchments.

DIY Stream Health Monitoring

This stream monitoring plan design tool was created to help catchment groups plan and carry out monitoring programmes in a cheap, easy and consistent way. It will give groups simple, usable and comparable data that will help them measure stream health change over time.

Murihiku Southland Water Quality Planning Process

The purpose of this report is to provide some brief background to current freshwater planning processes and the longer term implications of changes to the Southland Water and Land Plan.

Southland's Cultural History

This presentation is now available for you to use. You can select slides to use within your own presentations, you can present to your Catchment Group, you can on-share the booklet with your community.

Thriving Southland - the difference that makes a difference

How Thriving Southland supports good farming practice through Catchment Groups.

Education Kits

We have created four awesome Education kits which are now available for Catchment Groups, Schools, Community Groups etc to borrow. These free and easy to use kits are a great educational resource and provide a fantastic learning opportunity for users. 

Southland's Catchment Groups 2023

When farmers and the community get together to discuss local issues and opportunities, great things can happen. Find out about the great things happening as a result of the work Catchment Groups are doing on the ground in Southland.  

Winter Grazing Plan

Download a Winter Grazing Plan for your farm, listen to podcasts and access helpful sites for more information.

Southland Science Reports

In a time, when there is so much research, science and data on land, water and soil, it can be overwhelming to know where to start looking. 

Info Hub

The most useful tools and resources for farming and environment all in one place. We've done the hard work for you.

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