September 2020 Newsletter

August 31, 2020

Activity on a roll

A huge thanks to everyone who read our first newsletter last month - we were delighted with the number of people who took some time to find out what’s been happening. Over 61.5% of you opened the newsletter (normal open rates are 15-25%) and then we saw a fantastic upswing...
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August 2020 Newsletter

August 7, 2020

Our First Thriving Southland Newsletter

Getting to know each other For obvious reasons, after the initial launch of Thriving Southland in December, and a huge push through February and March – everything came to a grinding halt as the country responded to COVID-19. We hope you’re all well and that you had a go...
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A farmer-led programme to provide more support to Southland’s growing catchment group network is gearing up and is keen to hear ideas, Thriving Southland Chairman Ewen Mathieson says. Thriving Southland is a farmer-led programme to drive change in the primary sector in Sou...
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A big hello to everyone around our Southland catchment group community. We hope you are managing to get through the Covid-19 situation and the other uncertainties around us all in reasonable shape. The global, national and local circumstances we all find ourselves in have ch...
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