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Womens Enviro Series

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Wintering Newsletter May 2021

The questions we are hearing are ‘but what do I actually need to do?’, ‘what does it means to my farm and situation?’, ‘how long do I have to make any changes?’, ‘Is there actuallyRead more

The Muster interview - Rachael Halder talks about the impact of seasonal change on farmers and the range of catchment events coming up | Thriving Southland

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June 2021 Newsletter

Hello and welcome to our June newsletter! ‘Lead or be led’ was one of the strong themes to come out of the Women’s Enviro Series events held in May - it’s something that can be applied toRead more

Angus Kebbell talks to Richard Kyte May 18, 2021

Angus Kebbell talks with Richard Kyte of Thriving Southland about the Science Report and the brilliant Info Hub resource - both available to access free on our website.Read more

The Muster interview - Sandra Campbell talks about the Women's Enviro Series event

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May 2021 Newsletter

As we head towards colder winter months and the spotlight goes on winter grazing practices again. It’s really encouraging to see so many farmers already in a good place to manage whatever itRead more

The Muster interview - Rachael Halder talks about the wintering plan drop-ins | Thriving Southland

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Angus Kebbell talks with with Rachael Halder 24 April 2021

Angus Kebbell talks with with Rachael Halder of Thriving Southland on how they are energising a growing network of catchment groups to solve local issues locally, while drawing on the widerRead more

Muster Interview - Richard Kyte talking about the value of Catchment Groups

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Richard Kyte talks to The Muster about wintering 8 April 2021

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April 2021 Newsletter

It was great to see hundreds of kids and ‘kids at heart’ flocked to the Aquavan during its visits to Gore and Invercargill, supported by the Gore Waimumu and the Waihopai Catchment Groups as wellRead more

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