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Poppy Hardie talks with Andy about Thriving Southland’s Between the Domes Winter Event.

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Angus Kebbell talks with Rachael Halder about a key Aparima River catchment project.

Angus Kebbell talks with Rachael Halder about how one key project in the Aparima River basin is engaging all 600+ farms so that through modelling and monitoring, the actions of every farm plan willRead more

July 2021 Thriving Southland Newsletter

It’s fantastic to see the growth and evolution of Catchment Groups, especially with great projects up and running and more in the pipeline. We’re big fans of a pot luck tea get-together duringRead more

Emily making her mark on Gorge Road family farm

Emily Hamill is making her mark as a fifth generation member on her family farm near Gorge Road in Southland. The family has run Folly Farm on the scenic spot overlooking the Mataura River sinceRead more

ACE stream walks building environmental knowledge and community pride

MEDIA RELEASE June 21 Knowing their water and fostering pride and community belonging are two of the many benefits of the Aparima Community and Environment’s (ACE) stream walk series, RivertonRead more

Rachael Halder talks with Andy about the Aparima Community Environment (ACE) project

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ACE Future Farming Expo 2021 in Otautau Well Attended

More than 160 people attended the Future Farming Expo 2021 in Otautau on June 11 to hear from leading experts on how the food and fibre sectors are researching, innovating and leading the way towardsRead more

Womens Enviro Series

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Wintering Newsletter May 2021

Welcome to this special newsletter on winter grazing. We know it’s a hot topic at the moment, with lots of information coming at our farmers from lots of different sources.  The questions we areRead more

The Muster interview - Rachael Halder talks about the impact of seasonal change on farmers and the range of catchment events coming up | Thriving Southland

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June 2021 Newsletter

Hello and welcome to our June newsletter! ‘Lead or be led’ was one of the strong themes to come out of the Women’s Enviro Series events held in May - it’s something that can be applied toRead more

Angus Kebbell talks to Richard Kyte May 18, 2021

Angus Kebbell talks with Richard Kyte of Thriving Southland about the Science Report and the brilliant Info Hub resource - both available to access free on our website.Read more

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