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June 2022 Thriving Southland Newsletter

Welcome to our June newsletter and happy moving day!Read more

May 2022 Thriving Southland Newsletter

Welcome to our May Newsletter!Read more

April 2022 Thriving Southland Newsletter

Welcome to our April newsletter!Read more

March 2022 Thriving Southland Newsletter

Welcome to our March newsletterRead more

February 2022 Thriving Southland Newsletter

Happy New Year! Welcome to our first Thriving Southland newsletter for 2022. We hope you have had time for a good break during the Christmas and New Year period, and are feeling recharged, readyRead more


This year, some amazing farmers and communities have created impressive displays on their farms, often roadside, to delight passer-bys. Although the competition started as a way for Catchment GroupsRead more

December 2021 Thriving Southland Newsletter

It’s been a hugely challenging but rewarding year and it’s fantastic to see the Catchment Group community flourishing in Southland. As we rocket towards Christmas, it’s timely to reflect onRead more

November 2021 Thriving Southland Newsletter

There’s a real energy coming from Catchment Groups getting back into projects and working with their communities after a busy and challenging spring in Southland. At the Spring Catchment GroupRead more

October 2021 Thriving Southland Newsletter

It feels like a degree of uncertainty around the country with the Covid situation - so fingers crossed we can start looking ahead to the warmer months with a sense of optimism - and lots of greatRead more

September 2021 Thriving Southland Newsletter

We hope everyone is doing okay in this busy time of the year - the hints of spring are definitely helping to keep spirits up. As this newsletter is drafted, we are all still at Level 4 across theRead more

August 2021 Thriving Southland Newsletter

As the first year of the Thriving Southland project ticks past, there’s been lots of good feedback from Catchment Groups, as well as energy and positivity from around the region.  It's great toRead more

July 2021 Thriving Southland Newsletter

It’s fantastic to see the growth and evolution of Catchment Groups, especially with great projects up and running and more in the pipeline. We’re big fans of a pot luck tea get-together duringRead more

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