Media Release

3 December 2020 Thriving Southland: Southland’s freshwater picture brought together in one report Thriving Southland today released a literature review, The Southland Science Report, detailing the water situation in Southland. The Southland Science report, written by Landp...
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December Newsletter 2020

November 30, 2020

​Catchment Groups busy as year winds down, or is that up?

As we race towards Christmas, everyone is in ‘get it done’ mode - and that’s been very true of our Catchment Groups in Southland.It’s been great to see new faces coming to Catchment Group events, with a good cross- section of people from local communities. Recent eve...
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Inspirational Rangitikei farmer and catchment group leader Roger Dalrymple is heading south next week to share his knowledge and experience at a series of events, Thriving Southland interim project lead Richard Kyte says. Roger was instrumental in helping establish the Rangi...
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A passion for rural life, land and water, and agriculture binds Thriving Southland’s catchment coordination team. The team of four are out and about and getting stuck into conversations about how they can best support catchment groups.There are now 23 groups covering 80% o...
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October 2020 Newsletter

October 7, 2020

Getting out and about

First of all, we hope everyone is coping with the very challenging Spring weather we’re being confronted with, and that the tough conditions ease as we head into October.  Over the last month, the Thriving Southland catchment team have been meeting more people in the ...
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September 2020 Newsletter

August 31, 2020

Activity on a roll

A huge thanks to everyone who read our first newsletter last month - we were delighted with the number of people who took some time to find out what’s been happening. Over 61.5% of you opened the newsletter (normal open rates are 15-25%) and then we saw a fantastic upswing...
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August 2020 Newsletter

August 7, 2020

Our First Thriving Southland Newsletter

Getting to know each other For obvious reasons, after the initial launch of Thriving Southland in December, and a huge push through February and March – everything came to a grinding halt as the country responded to COVID-19. We hope you’re all well and that you had a go...
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A farmer-led programme to provide more support to Southland’s growing catchment group network is gearing up and is keen to hear ideas, Thriving Southland Chairman Ewen Mathieson says. Thriving Southland is a farmer-led programme to drive change in the primary sector in Sou...
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A big hello to everyone around our Southland catchment group community. We hope you are managing to get through the Covid-19 situation and the other uncertainties around us all in reasonable shape. The global, national and local circumstances we all find ourselves in have ch...
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