Case Study 3 - Pourakino Catchment Group

This 360.8 ha sheep (285 ha effective) and beef farm in the Pourakino consists of two blocks and is a mixture of easy hill, rolling hill and flats.

The property lambs 2,600 ewes and 620 hoggets and 60 R1 beef heifers. Lambs finished/sold prior to.

Crops consist of 6 ha kale and 12 ha swedes, grazed by sheep over winter. 

The soils on the property are a mixture of 225.1 ha Gorge deep silt and 59.9 ha Traill moderately deep silt over clay. The property is drained via drains on paddock edge. 

What's next

We are currently working with the farm owners, Agrimagic, business advisors, friends and catchment group members to workshop mitigations and what next for the farm.

Looking to the future and what can be done on farm to help meet up coming regulations.


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