Case Study 5 - Aparima Catchment Group

This 200 ha dairy farm is predominantly on flat terrain.

 555 cows peak milked producing 243,000 kg MS. Off farm June and July. Calves off farm from weaning.

Effluent applied to 75.8 ha.

300 kg supplement imported/cow .

Crops consist of 12 ha summer turnips and 6 ha swedes for late calvers. 

The primary soil on the property is the Braxton deep gley soil (191.9 ha) which is drained via tile drains with 2.1 ha Dunrobin stoney shallow soil. 

What's next

We are currently working with the farm owners, Agrimagic, business advisors, friends and catchment group members to workshop mitigations and what next for the farm.

Looking to the future and what can be done on farm to help meet up coming regulations.


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