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Between the Domes Catchment Group

Mossburn, Five Rivers, Lumsden, Lintley, Castlerock and everywhere else in between. 

Group Co-Chairs

Laurie Selbie

Jim Andrew

Daniel Jones

Group coordinator

Poppy Hardie
For more info, or to join the catchment group contact Poppy
021 399 343 or 

Number of members in the CG

There are more than 40 people in the group.

Date the Catchment Group started

The Group started in 2017.

Types of people in the group

Rural cross-sector, whole community group.


Wintering field day, rapid habitat assessment field day, wetland field day, greenhouse gas information evening with Keith Woodford

Community survey
Sediment trap & wetland design project
Riparian corridors project
Identifying high fertility areas for reducing fertiliser application and spend
Bale wrap recycling project

Hosted events / meetings

Meetings every 2-3 months in Lumsden.


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