Women’s Enviro Series


To connect, inspire and empower rural women to make positive environmental change.

Project Description

This project delivered two Southland events to bring people together and create a network of women across Catchment Groups and Southland with the common goal to improve the environment, build strength and collaborate.

The first event brought 80 Catchment Group women from throughout Southland together to start building a network. Philippa Cameron from ‘Whats for Smoko’ inspired the group with stories of her journey and network through social media, rural communities and connection.  The women worked together in groups sharing ideas, plans, concerns and opportunities in the environmental space. The event provided an opportunity to bounce ideas and share knowledge.
The second event, held in the evening, inspired women to connect and work together to make environmental change. The evening was hosted by Sarah Perrium and speakers included Dan Steele from Blue Duck Station, Kaapua Smith from Contact Energy and Kristy McGregor from Shepherdess Magazine. All with wildly different environmental journeys but many common themes and all equally passionate about their direction and drive. This event had 200 women come out on a winters night from across Southland and across many sectors.

Next Steps

To collaborate again in November. To check in with lead women across Southland to see what the next steps are for this network. To continue to inspire Women across Southland in the environmental space. To continue to connect with more women across Southland and bring our environment to the front of our thinking and ongoing conversations.

Event Feedback & Takeaways

“I felt very inspired and have since taken charge of our environmental planning here on farm”

‘’ Collaboration creates innovation’’

‘’Join a local catchment group’’

“Please do more events"

‘’ Community engagement and education is so important. Young, bright minds hold the key to the future’’

‘’ It doesn't matter if we have different whys if the outcome is the same’’

‘’ Loved the speakers passion!! What is a vision if there is no purpose?’’

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