Gore Catchment Group

This large area covers from Knapdale to Tuturau and Kaiwera to Waimumu

Group Chair

Chris Giles
027 683 7235 


Group coordinator

Sandra Campbell

Number of members in the CG


Date the Catchment Group started


Types of people in the group

We are a diverse group, including members from Gore and Mataura towns, lifestyle blocks and rural deer, sheep, beef, dairy and also industry.

Projects completed

We have held Children’s Day, colouring competitions, Southern field days,  river walks, farmer good management practice winter grazing field day and river clean ups.

Projects underway

  • Waimumu Downs Enviroschool project in conjunction with Environment Southland
  • Charlton pilot project

Projects planned

  • Mataura River raft races
  • Christmas hungi
  • Colouring competitions
  • High profile speakers to speak in the environmental space
  • Storm water rubbish collection system

Approach / Vision

Draft Mission Statements

  1. Stewardship by community for community
  2. Support and Encourage
  3. Inform, educate, innovate, and share.
  4. We have a team approach.
  5. Our sizeable urban group at the heart of the catchment

We work with the rununga, working on building and formally recognising and celebrating this relationship.

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