Know Our Catchment – issues and actions workshop 

Lower Oreti Catchment Group

Catchment Group:


Know Our Catchment – issues and actions workshop  


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March 22 to May 22

Project Description

Engage a specialist speaker to collate and present water, soil, geology information relevant to the land managers and community in the Lower Oreti catchment.  This will provide the Catchment Group with a base knowledge of their catchment to help them identify their issues and potential actions they want to take. This is to be the first event in a series to get this group up and running, and pull together a core committee: 

  1. Know our catchment – issues and actions workshop - Clint Rissmann 

  2. ES TAMI Southland's Future Environmental Challenges talk 

  3. Wetland field trip to a Farm 

There will be an accompanying handout summarising the research and key info for the Lower Oreti catchment, along with a video.   


  • Provide the Lower Oreti community with science-based information that is understandable and relatable to help them kickstart the direction and actions for their Catchment Group 

  • Give this newly formed Catchment Group an understanding of the key physiographic landscape settings influencing their area (the ‘why’ and ‘how’) in a non-blaming way 

  • Provide a local trusted, relatable expert speaker to answer their questions and support them in developing some solutions (i.e., provide access to expert advice and information) 

  • Start discussions on possible mitigation pathways that exist or could be considered as a Catchment Group – and help translate into an initial course of direction and actions for the group 

  • Bring people together for an enjoyable, social and informative workshop/ meeting, and start to form the core of the Catchment Group. 


  • Farmers, land managers and community members have a better understanding of soil, geology, water and land-use interaction in the Lower Oreti catchment, and identify future issues and possible mitigation pathways that they and their Catchment Group can work on 

  • Farmers, land managers and community members with scientific information have more confidence to make decisions around environmental improvement 

  • Awareness of local Catchment Groups raised, along with the breadth of topics and issues they can cover.

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