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Lower Aparima Catchment Group

The group covers Fairfax South to Riverton and all tributaries into the Aparima River. The Lower Aparima Catchment follows the Lower Aparima River to the Jacobs River Estuary. The strong rural community encompasses the Riverton township and encourages involvement in the water quality discussion.


Simon Hopcroft 

027 201 0377


Group coordinator

Rachael Halder

Number of members in the CG


Date the Catchment Group started

April 2016

Types of people in the group

A diverse group open to the entire community — from deer, beef, sheep and dairy farmers to industry and community members from Riverton township, right through to recreational users of the Aparima River.

Projects completed

Winter crop tours, field days, hearings and submissions to Environment Southland Water and Land Plan.

Projects planned

The Aparima Community Environment (ACE) project. The aim of this project is to build and support the resilience of the Aparima community and the environment by mobilising farmers, landowners and the wider community to take on-ground action.

Hosted events / meetings

    Regular meetings and public field days held throughout the year to provide an opportunity for farmers to exchange ideas and have productive discussions. Experts are regularly invited to speak at meetings, where they advocate good practice on-farm and help farmers understand local issues, including water quality of the Aparima River and Jacob’s Estuary. As well as holding meetings, the group has also contacted individual farmers to try and raise awareness on the Land and Water Plan, water quality and the forming of the group.

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