Makarewa Headwaters: Investigation using LUCI-Ag

Catchment Group:

Makarewa Headwaters


Investigation using LUCI-Ag


$76,580 excl. GST


Jun 21 to Mar 22

Project Description

Land Utilisation Capability Indicator (LUCI-Ag) is a modelling tool which illustrates the impacts of land use on various ecosystem services. In this project the Catchment Group is teaming up with Ravensdown to model six farms within the Makarewa Headwaters catchment in order to identify nitrogen, phosphorus and sediment hotspots that impact on water quality. This work will allow for mitigation options and scenarios to be explored and help with decision making at farm level. 


  • Help the Catchment Group to better understand the particular water quality issues associated with their catchment.
  • Understand why these issues exist, explore a number of possible mitigations and assist with mitigation decision making and prioritisation.  


  • Provide clear guidance as to which mitigation scenarios will best assist the catchment in meeting environmental objectives.
  • Guide prioritisation and decision making around mitigation actions.   
  • Benefits will extend beyond the catchment and learnings will also be made available to other Catchment Groups through a public field day.  

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