MCI Scoping and Introduction for the Lower Mataura Catchment Group

Catchment Group:

Lower Mataura Catchment Group


MCI Scoping and Introduction for the Lower Mataura Catchment Group


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Mar 21 to Sept 21

Project Description

Due to the small nature of streams in this area, there has been little to no water testing information. As part of this project, Cawthron Institute undertook scoping for future Macroinvertebrate Community Index (MCI) testing plus two on-stream tests in the Lower Mataura catchment. 


  • Build knowledge, ownership, engagement and understanding of the Gorge Road, Titiroa and Waimahaka streams.
  • Increase the number of local testing sites and enhance engagement with land holders.   
  • Bring MCI testing and results to life and make them relevant and accessible for the benefit of the community. 
  • Enable farmers to take their own samples in the future. Recommendations and site locations will also mean they will know where to test to build a story of the stream health. Success is taking ownership of the stream health. Owning the results of the MCI testing and working out ways to improve over time.  


  • Increased and closer engagement with landholders.
  • More local testing sites.
  • Independent testing owned by the group to build on in the future. 
  • 17 attendees.

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