Orauea River

Covering the catchment area feeding the Orauea River

Group coordinator

Poppy Hardie
For more info, or to join the catchment group contact Poppy
021 399 343 or 

July 2021: With some new information coming to the fore about geology in the Orauea area a community event was prompted. The community got together at the Orawia and Districts Community Centre to hear from scientist Dr. Clint Rissmann about the strong presence of Mudstone surrounding the Orauea River and it's correlation between sediment and e-coli in waterways. At the end of the meeting there was strong support for an Orauea River Catchment Group to form.

August 2021: The first committee meeting was held to revisit the information from the science presentation and talk about the opportunities of what we would do with it. The group decided that it was of the utmost importance to engage as many land owners as possible and share with them the geological information so that everyone is on the same page and offered the opportunity to be involved and help shape the direction of the catchment group. So the 'what next' will be another community event that includes a speaker from the Pomahaka Water Care Group to provide inspiration and motivation to be involved and also Dr. Clint Rissmann (kindly sponsored by West Range farms) to go over the scientific info and also share some ideas on options of how the catchment group could progress towards a potential mitigation project.

September 2021: Watch this space for the feedback from the upcoming Community meeting.

September 2021: Watch this space for the feedback from the follow on Committee meeting.

42% coverage of mudstone containing geology in the Orauea catchment


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