Otamita Catchment Group

The Otamita Stream begins 15 km NW of Gore and drains into the Mataura River which is part of the Mataura Fresh Water Management Unit. The Catchment Group covers an area of 17,000 ha that includes a total of 18 farms and the Mandeville Township. The farms within this catchment are primarily sheep and beef with one dairy farm at the bottom of the catchment. The topography is mostly steep to rolling, and uniquely spans one physiographic zone - Bedrock/Hill Country.

Group Chair

Cameron Grant 
Barry Roughan


Group coordinator

Sandra Campbell

Number of members in the CG

Otamita Catchment Group is a brand-new group currently working towards building engagement.

Date the CG started


Types of people in the group

Majority sheep and beef, with one dairy and one cropping property

Projects completed

E. coli testing day, including a brainstorming workshop.

Projects planned

Nutrient trap/sediment pond catchment-wide planning project.


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