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Three Rivers Catchment Group

The Three Rivers Catchment Group covers a range of rural towns and communities, including Wyndham, Edendale, Glenham, Seaward Downs and Mokoreta, and is named after the Mokoreta, Mimihau and Mataura rivers.

Group Chair

Kevin Hall - Chair
Steven Clarke - Vice Chair
Megan King - Secretary


Group coordinator

Sandra Campbell

The Three Rivers Catchment Group is working with a range of stakeholders to lead the way in environmental practices and to educate and inform the community on environmental issues.

Number of members in the CG


Date the CG started


Types of people in the group

The Catchment Group has a strong sheep, beef and dairy base, however they are also taking in Wyndham and Edendale Townships and have a close connection to Menzies College.

Projects completed

Wyndham Show, farmer panels, field days, public meetings, farm environmental planning, Wintering Options Field Day, Roger Dalrymple talk about benefits of Catchment Groups.

Projects underway

Environmental leadership prize sponsorship for local secondary school.
Working on building engagement and growing sub-catchment groups.


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