Understanding Land & Water to Effect Change

Catchment Group:

Wendonside Incorporated Society


Understanding Land & Water to Effect Change


$169,000 excl. GST


July 21 to Mar 23

Project Description

To better understand the land and water of their catchment, Wendonside Incorporated Society are engaging with Land & Water Science to understand the physiography of the landscape. With the help of Macroinvertebrate Community Index (MCI) testing they will be able to put in place long-term mitigation strategies for the catchment and at farm level. 

The project covers the entire 27,000-hectare catchment of Wendonside and will provide findings at a paddock scale that will help farmers to make future environmental decisions on their property based on prioritised risks, with good science they understand and have confidence in. 
The physiographic science will use radiometric and satellite layers to better conceptualise the variability in nutrient losses from the catchment, the surface and groundwater quality and the timing of the aquifer recharge. This will enable farmers and rural professionals to design a strategic response plan for mitigating losses.   


  • Support the members of the Wendonside Catchment Group to understand how variation in landscape characteristics and unique aspects of the catchment drive water quality outcomes. 
  • Empower group members to contribute to the scientific understanding of the catchment, through active engagement with the MCI testing and participating in the ground-truthing of the science.
  • With assistance from the physiographic team and a farm systems specialist, farmers will have the tools to assess practical mitigation approaches on their properties and will also help support mitigation risks to water quality in the catchment.   


  • Physiographic mapping and report that is specific to the Wendonside catchment and captures the hydrogeology, land use pressure, conceptual modelling of water quality and risk layers.   
  • Science providing the understanding of the land and water resources that leads to targeted prioritised environmental mitigation actions on the ground. 
  • Creating a framework for other catchments to explore. 

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