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Waikawa Catchment Group

The Waikawa catchment covers an area with established natural biodiversity, defined by the Waikawa stream that flows into the estuary. It includes the Coast, Native Bush, Farmland and the Waikawa Estuary. 

Group Chair

Allan Marshall - Chair


Group coordinator

Sandra Campbell

Number of members in the CG


Date the CG started


Types of people in the group

A wide network of community members working together. 

Projects completed

Waikawa River restoration plan.


Previous events

Previous events include an Introduction to MCI, Stream Habitat Assessments, Pest control event and On Farm Management Discussion Groups. 

Future Plans

Future plans include surveying Pest control with their catchment members, establishing a base of existing traps, pest issues, people interest in helping with their own pest control and then hopefully growing this and recording success. 

The group has a desire to continue to learn about their catchment, what's happening in the water, bush and on farm, growing this knowledge base and continuing to learn. 


Vision: To have a catchment we are proud of, to have a river with the highest of water quality and a community which is committed to its environment.

Values: Long-term community commitment to care for our catchment. To maintain and enhance all the elements in our environment. To work together to lead by example.


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