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Waimatuku Catchment Group Catchment Group

The Waimatuku Catchment is home to a peatland of regional significance, Bayswater Bog. It is one of the largest remains of native vegetation on the Southland Plains and is thought to be around 20,000 years old. Bayswater Bog provides a habitat for unique New Zealand species, including carnivorous sundews, swamp sun orchids and a population of native skinks.
Further down the catchment, the Waimatuku Stream feeds into the Waimatuku Estuary which is a shallow tidal mouth estuary – a popular fishing spot. 
The catchment is long and narrow in shape with predominately sheep, beef and dairy farming on flat and artificially drained land.


Graeme Appleby (Chair)
Jessica Goodwright (Secretary)


Group coordinator

Rachael Halder

Catchment Group Goals

  • Increase community involvement in the water quality discussion
  • Learn more about local biodiversity
  • Explore new technologies to improve the environmental performance of our farms
  • Build relationships with other Catchment Groups

Current projects

Working alongside Environment Southland and Southland District Council to develop a picnic area at the bottom of the catchment. The site is a great place for fishing and camping. 

Upcoming Events

We do hope you can join us at our Planting Day.  

Waimatuku Catchment Group community work

  • Productive and informative evening with Environment Southland staff to discuss water quality and aquifers
  •  Great engagement in Essential Freshwater Meeting
  •  Environment Southland working with Waimatuku Catchment Group on ‘self-assessment’ for effluent management


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