Wintering Newsletter May 2021

Welcome to this special newsletter on winter grazing. We know it’s a hot topic at the moment, with lots of information coming at our farmers from lots of different sources. 

The questions we are hearing are ‘but what do I actually need to do?’, ‘what does it means to my farm and situation?’, ‘how long do I have to make any changes?’, ‘Is there actually anything I can do right now?’.

Our role at Thriving Southland is to help you to make it as easy and simple as possible. We’ve been listening to our farmers and we’ve been engaging with your sector groups and talking to the government.

And here’s the good news. We’ve created a simple guide on winter grazing:

Check out the guide
Talk to your farm staff
Fill in the guide

If you have questions:

  1. Read helpful information from a range of organisation compiled on a special page and on our Info Hub
  2. Listen to Richard Kyte and Rachael Halder talking about wintering in these interviews
  3. Connect with your Catchment Group to raise questions and help get answers from your fellow farmers and link to the research that’s happening.

We know that there has been significant scrutiny on winter grazing practices and we know that on-the-ground farmers and graziers are doing all they can to look after their animal’s welfare and the environment.

The key message from our Catchment Group field days has been “If you have a plan use the guide and write it down.”

If you don’t have a wintering plan, this Guide will cover you for this winter and can be added to your FEP if you have one or are in the process of developing one.

The links we’ve provided are here to help you but if you’d like to speak to someone directly, please don’t hesitate in contacting on of the Thriving Southland Catchment Coordinators.

Hedgehope Makarewa Catchment Group need your help. 

They are looking for local heros to come and help with the monitoring of their winter crop cultivation crop pilot study starting 25 May and again on 9 June.  Check out more details at

RSVP to Suzanne Hanning on

Nga mihi

Richard Kyte (Thriving Southland Project Lead) and the Thriving Southland Team


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