Mid Oreti Catchment Group

This catchment area covers from Ryal Bush in the south up to Limehills in the north. To the east the area extends out along State Highway 96 to just past Springhills and then to the west a few kilometres east of Drummond. The central area of the Mid Oreti Catchment Group is the Winton Township. The main surface waters found in this area are the Oreti River and the Winton Stream.


Fiona Smith, Rosie Forbes, Ainsley Adams



Group coordinator

Sarah Thorne

Number of members in the CG

30 and growing

Date the Catchment Group started

June 2020

Types of people in the group

The Mid Oreti Catchment Group is a diverse group of people from different land uses and backgrounds with a passion for improving the environment and the health of the waterways found in the Mid Oreti. From deer to beef and sheep and dairy farmers to industry and community members from the Winton township, everyone is welcome.

Projects completed

Having representation on the Winton Wastewater Treatment Plant Working Group and working alongside Southland District Council staff and experts from a range of sectors to determine a shortlist of options.

Projects underway

Consultation with the Winton Wastewater Treatment Plant Group and the upcoming resource consent renewal for the plant.

Projects planned

  • Long term plan on the enhancement of Marshall Creek
  • Development of a Mid Oreti space and nursery group

Hosted events / meetings

  • Two brainstorming/consultation meetings around the group’s biggest issues in the catchment area and upcoming projects.
  • Native tree nursery and runoff detainment bund field day held at AB Lime.
  • Ecological Stream Health field day with freshwater ecologist Robin Holmes.

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