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Oreti Bus Trip


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Mar 23

Project Description

Oreti Catchment Groups are working together to plan and deliver a bus trip, exploring key places and projects within the Oreti Catchment. 

The day will explore four quality sites that are not often visited but will serve to educate and inspire the attendees, and kickstart catchment solution thinking. 

Experts will be invited to support the day, offer their expertise and answer questions both on the bus and at the site visits. 

Part of the project involves the creation of a booklet which showcases the Mid and Lower Oreti Catchment Groups, their key projects and information on the sites visited. Other resources will also be available on the day.  


  • Bring together the wider Oreti community to increase their knowledge and understanding of catchment group activities 

  • Raise awareness of the health of the New River Estuary and learn about initiatives being undertaken to protect it. 

  • Share information and contacts regarding various projects and activities within the FMU 

  • Create connections that improve the health of our waterways in the Oreti FMU 

  • Bring the Oreti catchment groups together again 

  • Strengthen links between Catchment Groups and the New River Estuary Forum 

  • Offer the wider community access to trusted and relatable expert speakers 

  • Encourage catchment-wide solutions thinking 

  • Host an enjoyable and informative trip 


  • Oreti Catchment Groups will be brought together with their wider community to raise awareness and understanding of the health of the New River Estuary and all the great work catchment groups are doing to protect it. 

  • Create and strengthen community connections 

  • Catchment group (project and activities) and Thriving Southland information shared with attendees and experts 

  • Catchment-wide solutions thinking happening by individuals and catchment groups 

  • Continued connection of multiple catchment groups within the Oreti FMU 

  • Stronger connections established between catchment groups and the New River Estuary Forum 

  • The work of Oreti Catchment Groups was shared with all attendees including the experts in attendance 

  • The day was enjoyable and the attendees learnt something and were inspired  

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