Waikaka Stream Catchment Group

Catchment includes the Waikaka and Pukerau streams. The Waikaka Stream is the local water body for the wider Waikaka community in Eastern Southland. It is used for many recreational activities, such as swimming and fishing, and runs through many farming properties in the district. The community formed a Catchment Group in late 2017 to establish a way to manage the stream based on changing regulations and legislation from Environment Southland (Regional Government).

Group Chair

Craig McIntyre (Chair)
Chris Affleck (Co-Chair)


Group coordinator

Sandra Campbell

Number of members in the CG


Date the CG started


Types of people in the group

Good mix of sheep, beef, dairy and cropping, Waikaka and Pukerau townships and schools.

Projects completed

Sediment traps, planting riparian areas, winter grazing paddock selection, water testing in conjunction with Beef and Lamb.

Hosted Events / Meetings

AGM on 22 February 2021 at Waikaka Sports Complex.


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